Building season 2016 begins!


Eco Developments will have an action packed building season in 2016 with a variety of skill building workshops to include earthen and natural plasters, ovens, complete off grid solar kit design and installation, straw bale structures, cob structures along with systems such grey water, composting toilets, living roofs, rocket mass heaters and more.  Please check out our links page for Eco Developments in the media. Don’t forget to check out our photos below!

Please see our Skill Building page for information on upcoming workshops and volunteer opportunities!

One of the oldest, safest and most eco-friendly materials for building on the planet, Cob can be hand-sculpted into ovens, eco-friendly homes, saunas, garden walls and much more. As a building material for homes it is non-toxic, non-polluting, fireproof, naturally insulated, energy efficient, can easily absorb moisture, 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable and can last for centuries. Cob can be sculpted into stunning aesthetic forms, using various color and texture that blend naturally with the local environment.

The new eco-trend of outdoor cooking with cob ovens is becoming widely popular in the backyards of Nova Scotians, transforming gardens into attractive as well as practical and eco-friendly outdoor kitchens.

Eco Developments, a Nova Scotia-based company that specializes in natural building using locally found materials, has built over twenty five ovens in the past couple years for various private home owners and other groups, including Nova Scotia’s first community cob oven which is located on the Dartmouth Commons. Founded by Gena Arthur, the team has also mastered other natural building techniques such as straw bale structures, cob structures, natural paints and plasters, earthen floors, living roofs and all of the functional systems of an eco-home–all using using locally found materials, such as earth, clay, straw, sand and water.

This spring, Eco Developments is completing the first cob house (to code) in Nova Scotia, following the Green Building Challenge, in an effort to create the greenest home in Eastern Canada.  Telephone: 902-877-9356

all of the following ovens have been built by Eco Developments

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